Sundays are great days for starting anew; and so began the righteous murmurs of a detox programme (of sorts).  The devil within immediately etches into the subconscious a chilled bottle of champagne with the first beads of condensation caressing its way down the cold glass until it rests as a puddlet on the table beckoning others to join it.

That said, acquiescence was given to a less scrupulous detoxification regime; one which would allow the imbibing of fanciful liquor, yet forsake the harming of animals large and small.

With raised glasses we clinked in celebration of our new cleansing pact then sat down to enjoy a mammoth champagne brunch buffet at Top Deck in Jumbo – yummo.

Horizon Plaza was next on the list.  Twenty-eight glorious floors of material crap to clad both you and that dainty shoebox you call home in some of the better known brands like Diesel, Lane Crawford, MaxMara, Shambala etc.   A Mecca for diehard shoppers located at 2 Wing Lee St, Ap Lei Chau, HK (even a ketamine stupefied taxi driver should be able to get you there).  If (like us) clothing is your main focus, I do not recommend arriving here immediately after a large meal unless the walk between floors in aid of digestion tickles you intestines.  After two hours of treasure hunting, we came away with a stash of Diesel menswear and a patchwork silk dress by CP Company.

With the new wardrobe additions carefully put away, it was time to hotfoot it to IFC to choke down some vego Japanese and speed walk to the cinema to catch the 8pm showing of The Cove.  Bawled my eyes out from about half way, through to the end – left looking as though I’d had an altercation with a water hydrant; quietly pleased I didn’t wear my new dress and no longer eat animals.

The week’s remainder is positioned somewhere between an avalanche and a blank stare, at times alternating between the two at a frightful rate.

It was a hospital visit come Monday as someone – who shall remain nameless (for now), took exception with an escalator the previous Monday and was hurtled towards the bottom landing on an eye.  Diagnosis: cracked rib, extensive bruising to body, eye sockets & ego due to an avalanche strike resulting in blank stares and lack of concentration. Back to retail therapy, hello Casa de Jianette.  Escaped with a hot leather skirt and grey woollen cape. Hatcha-cha-cha.

Making our way to Lily & Bloom for martini samplings on Tuesday night, we happened upon a man who’d hit the bottle long before we had and by the looks, the bottle had won (wonder if he saw the avalanche approaching).  Beware the perils of Club 7eleven.  Yes, yes I could’ve offered first aid but the heavy aura of alcohol around this man made me just a smidge envious.  A photo was the next best thing (blank stare).  Anyway, back to Lily.  Not particularly fussed on their interior but Paul can stir a good vodkatini with olives.  Checked out their cigar library and settled on a Cohiba (Corona Especial), one of my favourites.  Was I not already occupied with a martini; a balloon of Louis XIII would have been fitting.

Pizza, antipasto & copious amounts of Pinot Gris at 208 Duecento Otto was planned for Wednesday, it was surprising to see groups of well heeled (& frocked) ladies in the room.  Feeling underwhelmed with my attire, a cigarette break was needed to take in the filthily rich scene from a distance.  Noticing The Space next door was holding a grand opening for Beatrix Ong’s pop up shoe shop the penny fell (avalanche building).  Popping my head in the door, there was a surreal light; the room was strobed by diamond-clad Tai-Tais feverishly stuffing freshly pedicured hooves into some very nicely made shoes.  “Mr Bo Jangles fetch my eyeshades, I’m going in!“ And I was out of there in a flash, this lass was way under dressed for a shoe showdown.

So yeah, pizza.  I prefer mine with a thin crispy base, however, if you like yours thin soggy based then, 208 is definitely the place for you (blank stare).  If you’re not so keen on food anyway, then the bar has enough offerings to sate the princeliest of patrons; teetotallers can just absorb the buzzing atmos and bite their nails.

Also found space and time for a cheese platter washed down with a bottle of Sauterne at Classified before arriving at Republik; several hours late for the launch of WOM’s (Word of Mouth) sixth edition – a guide to Hong Kong everything.  Lots of balloons and champagne.  Nice.

Tried to muscle in on a Mahjong game on my way home only to realise my three words of Cantonese would get me as far as you could throw an overfed moose.

Was desperately in need of some down time by Thursday (blank stare).

At last the day of the Gorillaz’s concert arrived.  Hello Friday.